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Can Kids&Teenagers enjoy kiteboarding? 🤔

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What is important to know about “AKA Kids&Teenagers Course”

Kiteboarding is now an accessible sport, regardless of physical fitness and age. 

“Really?? How is it possible?” usually people ask.

Easy, it’s possible thanks to the very high level of safety achieved through years of experience and work on teaching method that Corrado (AKA instructor) put at your complete disposal.

The wide range of new generation materials available allows us to complete lessons of all levels in any weather condition.
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Kids&Teenagers who approach this sport can find great fun especially in the early stages, especially in body drag, where they are “accompanied by the instructor”: the kite will fly and the child slides with their chest on the surface of the water.

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“AKA Kids&Teenagers Courses” lasts from one hour to three hours and it depends on the age and needs of family members.

The lesson will take place in total safety and away from any possible danger: this is AKA philosophy!

It's never too early to start kiteboarding!

It’s never too early to control a kite!

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