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In this page you can find a list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about AKA (Aero Kiteboarding Academy) world!

Feel free to contact AKA here for any further question.

Please Note: it’s a “work in progress” list

Where is AKA located?2022-03-11T13:56:19-04:00

AKA is a new Kiteboarding Academy in Antigua&Barbuda and it’s hallmark is the FLEXIBILITY.
AKA chose different locations in Antigua&Barbuda and you can choose your favorite, under instructor’s suggestion based on the daily forecast.
If you want more info, read this article about Where, When and How AKA works. 

Don’t hesitate to contact AKA to have more informations about the available courses! Click here

Who can do kiteboarding?2020-12-17T11:59:48-04:00

Kiteboarding today is a sport for everyone.

It doesn’t matter if you are young or out of fitness: AKA chose the best and new materials for the lessons.

You will be in total safety with one-to-one lesson and instructor by-your-side in every moment.

Lifejacket is mandatory.

What do I need for a kiteboarding lesson?2020-12-17T11:59:21-04:00

If you have your equipment, you are free to decide to use it.
If not, you don’t need anything! AKA has the newest material of the brand F-One and everything is at your disposal.
Corrado, AKA instructor, will help you to choose the correct material perfect for you, thinking about the weather conditions and your physique.

What kind of lessons does AKA propose?

You can choose what kind of lesson do you prefer.
If this is your very first time doing kiteboarding, do not hesitate to ask by mail or phone. Click here to contact AKA!

We have different Special Courses. Take a look here!

Each lesson is customized according to your needs.

Together we will find the best way to enjoy kiteboarding.

How many kiteboarding lessons do I need?2020-12-17T12:00:43-04:00

Everyone of us is different and it is impossible to answer this question in a univocal and universal way.

Usually three lessons are enough to start riding crosswind.

Seeing is believing!


How much does a lesson cost?

How much does an “AKA Special Course” cost?

How may I pay?

For further informations about payment and costs, feel free to contact AKA here.


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