What does “AKA Group Course” consist in?

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Group courses consist of two or maximum two persons of the same level and last a maximum of three hours.

How does an “AKA Group Course” lesson take place?

The lesson is very similar to the common lesson that the instructor usually does and it begins with a short briefing based on the level of the students, at the end of which we will go directly into the water.

The instructor closely follows one student at a time always giving him/her the means and instructions to quickly reach the goal of the day.

“AKA Group Course” students descend into the water in rotation (one in the water and the other/s on the dinghy) thus having the opportunity to put into practice what will be explained and observing their colleague during the practice.

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Everything will take place in complete safety and away from any possible danger: this is AKA’s philosophy!

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